Veronique Medrano signs with NextGen Records

The singer and entertainer is the first female solo artist signed to La 45's new record label.

Veronique Medrano | Photo: Norma Red / Tejano Nation

Veronique Medrano has signed on as the first female solo artist with NextGen Records, the San Antonio, Texas-based record label announced on Thursday (Oct. 8th).


The four-time Tejano Music Awards nominee’s first project with the label is described as, “A listening experience. The styles, the stories, the performance…I think we are giving everyone some good ear candy!” according to Mike Torres III, CEO of NextGen Records.

This multi-tiered production between Medrano, Torres, and John Ontiveros is set for release this fall.

“We had a lot of conversations about music and the direction she wanted to go, the direction we wanted to take her, and what her goals were for the future. Ideologically, we were all on the same page with how we were going to make some noise and make some moves in the industry,” added Torres. “We decided to start the label to create a collective of artists who were on the same wavelength when it came to goals and outlook for the future of Tejano music. Once we knew that’s what we were going to do, she was the obvious first artist to sign!”

The lead single from the highly-anticipated album is “Hola y Adiós,” a cumbia, released earlier this year, that stretches the boundaries of Tejano in exciting new ways infusing Latin Pop and Rock creating Tejano Alternativo.

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Veronique, a native of Brownsville, Texas, released her debut album Encantadora, in 2013 earning a Best New Female artist nomination at the 34th Tejano Music Awards. Her albums Mi Año Dorado and Lotería garnered her continued consistent nominations at the Tejano Music Awards and success in the market.

“I’m in such a different space now. I’ve learned so much with each record,” said Veronique. “Working and being mentored by extremely talented musicians, this project really showcases what I’m capable of and challenges me to do more. We’re in a place to really show what the next generation of Tejanos can do. I am excited to not only create new music but to also be one of the few artists who has the ability to own three of the four projects I’ve released. Not many people can say that.”

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Torres and Ontiveros are co-founders of LA 45. Since their debut performance at the 2017 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in San Antonio, the 10 piece band, billed as the #NextGenChicanos, have been impressing music lovers of all ages with their high energy performances, superior musicianship, and ability to fuse the past and the present together while presenting an unforgettable show. Preserving the dying art of Chicano music with every performance, LA 45 carries on the tradition of Mexican American music pioneered in the 1960’s and 70’s, and has become its standard bearer for the millennial generation.

Torres said the plan is to add more artists to the NextGen roster, “We have a few other artists signing with us that we plan to announce before the end of the year, but I can’t spill the beans on all that yet. But I can say that 2021 is going to be a very exciting and very busy year for us, and for Veronique! This is only the beginning of what we hope will be a long and successful journey of making great music together!”

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