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Veronique Medrano says “Hola Y Adiós” with new single [AUDIO]

The singer and songwriter delivers a song that infuses Latin-Pop and Rock creating Tejano Alternativo.

Tejano icon and star Veronique Medrano has released the new single off her upcoming untitled album, “Hola y Adiós”. This cumbia stretches the boundaries of Tejano in exciting new ways as she infuses Latin-Pop and Rock creating Tejano Alternativo.


The song is definitely an expression of liberation. This song is a departure from other releases as it is the first time her writing is taking the lead for an album.

“I always felt that it was only right to have other writer’s songs take the lead,” Veronique told Tejano Nation. “Having my writing on display and my creative work. I’m indie again and all the lessons I’ve learned over the past six years in the industry culminate into this beautiful creation that melds all my musical taste in unknown ways.”

The creative team behind this song and upcoming album is young and join Veronique in musical strength. Producers Mike Torres III and John Ontiveros of LA 45 are behind this song and the whole upcoming new album.

When asked what they could divulge on the creative direction of the record the duo said, “Veronique does not draw within the lines. She represents Chicanas in the modern era. We wanted to push her creatively and doing so meant giving her the space to write and create without limiting what it should sound like.”

“Hola y Adiós” is a perfect record for the new year, as this cumbia says “Adiós” to the old and “Hola” to all the new possibilities that the industry has to offer.

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