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Album Review: Veronique Medrano wins big with new album ‘Lotería’

We’ve all played Lotería, right?

Well, Tejano performer Veronique Medrano puts that tradition to words with a catchy cumbia, “Lotería,” that takes us through what is the game of our lives. Live it right, or La Calaca might get ya. And that’s just one tune from her latest album titled, Lotería, which proves La Onda Tejana is very much alive and producing great new music.

Loteria is a 12-song mix of Tex-Mex rancheras and cumbias powered by acordeon and bajo sexto and the powerful and confident vocals of Veronique in what I’d call a conjunto style that is very Valle (del RGV!), but available to all of us.

Rancheras such as “Vete Lejos,” “No Aguanto Mas,” “Después De Mi Ultima Copa”, and “El Problema” are made for the listening pleasure of women, and with strong lyrics they take us through the trials and tribulations of relationships from a woman’s perspective. Something we guys need to hear more of, too.

But, there are also those tunes about the big “L”–Love. “Luz En La Noche,” “Hasta La Eternidad,” and the old standard, “Sabor A Mi,” are three rancheras which make the heart beat a little faster, and not just from the dancing.

The cumbias are quite danceable, starting with the title-track, but “La Cosa” and “El Viejo” will be fun to dance to, with its bajo-heavy rhythms and fun lyrics. “Nuestro Amor” is a slower cumbia filled with heartbreak. All of these tunes make for a collection of music that keeps you listening and dancing.

Finally, a fan favorite will likely be the uptempo ranchera, “Tamale Man.” We all know that guy! So, if there are any Tamale Festivals going on around the holidays, Veronique’s one act that should be on your schedule.

This is Veronique’s third album after experiencing success with her sophomore release, Mi Año Dorado. Since then, Veronique has had a busy schedule of performances and community service projects that continue to elevate her popularity. Lotería is sure to add to her popularity as she performs with the greats in the industry.

In fact, Veronique is set to perform on Thursday, March 15 at 4:45 p.m. at the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair 2018 at the San Antonio Market Square’s Gateway Stage. Go check out her live performance and buy all her albums at her Autograph Session at Market Square on Friday at 4:00 p.m.

Lotería is available for purchase at

LISTEN: Lotería — Veronique


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