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LaDezz releases soulful single ‘Me Quedo Yo Sufriendo’

The group's latest single is a heart-wrenching polka with a traditional Tejano sound.

The latest single from LaDezz is “Me Quedo Yo Sufriendo,” a heart-wrenching polka with a traditional Tejano sound that leans towards the group’s soulful side as member David Ledesma takes on lead vocal duties.


Ledesma pours his heart and soul into the vocals and lyrics that center on lost love that he is unable to yet let go. The keyboard-driven polka was written by Di Marie and LaDezz member Mark Ledesma. Lisa Mar is the group’s third vocalist.

The song shows off the band’s versatility and that of David Ledesma’s skilled vocal stylings. While he portrays through his vocals the hurt and pain of lost love, he really lets loose during the last 30 seconds of the song as he growls with emotion and passion while showing off his vocal range.

“Me Quedo Yo Sufriendo” is definitely worth the purchase off of the group’s website where their music is exclusively offered.

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Song Credits:

Keys: SinJam Aussenac
Sax: Valentino Maltos 
Bass: Richie Ledesma 
Guitar: Anthony “Tony” Hernandez 
Drums: Justin Ramirez 
Produced By: SinJam Aussenac
Mix & Master: Rico Gonzales 
Vocal Coach: Jay Perez 
Written By: Di Marie & Mark Ledesma

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