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Sonja De La Paz premieres video for sophomore single ‘Se Acabo’ ft. Joe Ojeda

The singer released the video for her second solo single, teaming with a Tekno Mex bandmember.

With her upbeat debut single, “Contigo,” songstress Sonja De La Paz produced one of this summer’s pop cumbia sensations, but on her sophomore single, “Se Acabo,” listeners will hear a deeper, even darker, side of her voice. The video for the new single premiered on Wednesday.


The mood indeed changes on “Se Acabo” as De La Paz takes listeners on a journey of heated, heartfelt heartache but her talented vocals remain constant.

“I feel like more people can relate to heartbreak more than, unfortunately, finding love,” De La Paz said, in explaining why the song was chosen as the follow-up to “Contigo.”

The slow, slinky cumbia features one of the singer’s well-known bandmates from Tejano vet Pete Astudillo’s band, Tekno Mex, Joe Ojeda, well known as the longtime keyboardist for Selena y Los Dinos.

However, De La Paz didn’t enlist Ojeda’s participation in the song for his keyboard skills.

“While we were talking about this project, I sent him a message asking if he would be interested in being featured on the song so he was super excited,” De La Paz said. “He said yes right away.”

“But then I told him he had to play the accordion, and he was scared,” De La Paz laughs. “The accordion’s not his main instrument so he had to brush off the cobwebs and practice a little bit.”

But Ojeda did so well on the song that he told De La Paz he is now getting requests for his accordion skills. Ojeda will be featured in the video for “Se Acabo,” too.

“He was totally cool with jumping on the accordion,” De La Paz said. “He did a really great job. We wanted to make sure to feature him in the video also.”

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The video for “Se Acabo” was shot in downtown Laredo’s Siete Banderas, a scenic bar currently closed due to the pandemic but that provided an optimal shooting location.

“There’s so many different location settings that you can grab from just being in one spot,” De La Paz said.

Follow Sonja De La Paz on her official Facebook page where she has also launched a merchandise line.

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