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Lucy Rodriguez partners with GRAMMY-winning producer in new version of ‘Golpes En El Corazón’

The singer collaborates with Lorenzo Banda for a unique sound of a classic track from Los Tigres del Norte.

Houston, Texas (June 29, 2020) – Tejano artist Lucy Rodriguez released her new single “Golpes En El Corazón,” for radio airplay today.


In an exciting collaboration with Grammy-winning producer Lorenzo Banda, Rodriguez and Banda challenged themselves to provide their own unique sound to this classic. When asked about why this song, Rodriguez shared that “interpreting, not just singing, a personal favorite through my life experience, is something that many musicians want to explore at one time or another”.

Rodriguez went on to state that “her producer encouraged exploration of her voice with different rhythms”.

The selection of the song is also a nod to long-time personal friends, Los Tigres del Norte, who got to hear the single prior to release.

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“Golpes En El Corazón” follows the 2018 release of her album, Si Mañana, and single “Asi es el Amor,” last February.

“Golpes En El Corazón” is immediately available for radio release for terrestrial and internet stations via email at and all digital platforms on July 14, 2020.

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