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Elida Reyna medley video gives peek at upcoming live concert DVD

The two-time Latin Grammy winner released the first video to preview the highly-anticipated live concert DVD.

In addition to top sound quality, Latin Grammy winner Elida Reyna of Freddie Records wanted the look of her new video to be just right for her fans as she worked on her upcoming live concert DVD. The first video, which gives a look at the live concert filmed last September in San Antonio, premiered today.


The live medley featured Elida performing the ranchera “Prefiero Morir” and the catchy cumbia “Adicta.”

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“We really put a lot of time and effort behind this live DVD,” Reyna said in a recent interview with Tejano Nation. “I mean it’s something that we’ve been talking about for months and then to finally see it all come together. And then of course, most important is the visual. I mean we’re all visual people so it was really important for us to make it look and sound great.”

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Elida added fans can look forward to more video peeks at the live DVD, due out at the end of the year, but they’ll have to wait for the full DVD to see all the magic captured at the live concert recorded at The Rock Box in San Antonio.

“We’ll be releasing more of the live videos off the live DVD,” Reyna said. “But we’re not going to give it all away.”

For now, fans can enjoy “Prefiero Morir,” which won Song of the Year at the 2011 Tejano Music Awards and is featured on the 2010 Latin Grammy-winning album, Fantasia, and “Adicta,” won 2016 TMA Song of the Year.

The next live video planned from the DVD is “Luna Llena.”

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