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Marcus Daniels releases ‘Tu No Te Metas’ duet with Dee Burleson [AUDIO]

The duo collaborate on the lead single from Daniels' upcoming third album.

Marcus Daniels is one of Tejano music’s emerging artists. He’s been compared to Dee Burleson and the late “El Charro Negro” Bobby Butler, two of his musical influences. Now, the singer from Waco, Texas has released a duet with Burleson titled “Tu No Te Metas.”


Produced by Sotero Seniceros, this track brings back the nostalgia of old school Tejano by merging the old with the new featuring the charismatic vocals of Burleson. The sound he’s most known for during his many years as part of the group Culturas.

“It’s a really cool, fun duet that we put together,” Daniels told Tejano Nation. “This is a progressive Conjunto song, we have some keys and horns in it, so it’s a really nice danceable song.”

“‘Tu No Te Metas’ is just two guys battling it out, fighting over a girl and with Dee and the charisma and the spunk, energy, he brings on stage, he does it in his music as well,” added Daniels. “It brought my performance up as well, trying to compete with him, it brought me up to another level I really believe.”

“Tu No Te Metas” is the lead single from Daniels’ upcoming third album titled “Cumbiaville” that will also feature production from Gabriel Zavala and is expected to be released in late summer or early fall.

Burleson is scheduled to perform at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, March 14, on the Gateway Stage at 6:45 pm and he’s expected to bring Daniels on stage to perform the duet and other songs.

“Tu No Te Metas” is available now at CDBaby. Listen to a snippet of the duet from Marcus Daniels and Dee Burleson below.

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