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Magali Delarosa shares details on next album + more on ‘Domingo Live’

The Rio Grande Valley singer spoke about her music and performed songs from her latest album.

Magali Delarosa performs on “Domingo Live” on Feb. 9. | Photo: Munoz Snapshots

Magali Delarosa is one of the rising stars in Tejano music. She signed with Zurdo Records, the record label owned by Michael Salgado, in 2018 after the success of her two independent albums. Her debut album, Esta Vez, was released in 2015 with a follow-up album, Amor Barato, released in 2017.


The singer released her Zurdo Records debut album, Mis Sueños, in March 2019 and she spoke about the positive reactions to her music and performances in an interview with “Domingo Live” on Feb. 9.

Magali Delarosa interview with “Domingo Live”

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“I’m relatively new, but the reaction is so great,” she told “Domingo Live” host Rudy Treviño. “They’re like, ‘We loved you, you’re music is so interesting, it’s so great.’ I think that the people now are starting to accept the younger sound, the newer generation and what we’re bringing to the industry. I think it’s a very exciting time and I think there is so much talent out there.”

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There’s no doubt Delarosa is part of the new generation of artists adding her exciting sound and vibe the future of Tejano music.

The Rio Grande Valley native is already working on her next album and shared details on what fans can expect from the upcoming project.

“It’s totally amped up,” she said. “We have some really great textures and flavors to the music. A lot of cumbia fusions and some beautiful mariachi ballads in there. I’m so excited those, I love that style of music and of course performing it.”

The upcoming album from Delarosa is expected to be released this summer from Zurdo Records.

The singer also performed a few songs from her latest album and including he most recent single “Amor Gigante.” Watch the performance below.

Magali Delarosa performs “Amor Gigante” on “Domingo Live”

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