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Magali Delarosa releases official video for ‘Esta Vez’

By ROMEO@ElTejanoRomeoPosts | Bio
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Mexican-American singer and songwriter Magali Delarosa released the official video for “Esta Vez” on Tuesday.

“So happy to finally share my music video,” Delarosa posted on her official Facebook page. “A big thanks to everyone that helped with the making of this project. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to share.”

The visual, directed by Joshua Moroles from Socialite Media Club, features Mariachi Premier De America and was filmed at the historic Cine El Rey theatre in McAllen, Texas.

“Esta Vez” is the first single and title track from the Pharr, Texas native’s debut album, both available now for download from the Tejano Nation Amazon music store, just click here.

Delarosa is also a fashion designer and has her own fashion line, RagzByMagz. Get to know more about Delarosa at her official website

WATCH: “Esta Vez” by Magali Delarosa

13 comments on “Magali Delarosa releases official video for ‘Esta Vez’

  1. Remarkable. Magali you are a true talent! And Romeo, you rock.


  2. WOW! Beautiful.classy girl great song,phenomenal voice.


  3. WOW!Beautiful, classy girl.great song .fantastic voice !


  4. Adrienne Simoneaux Merrell

    Very nice voice and talented lady!


  5. Just purchased her CD on I tunes and I am very impressed with this young artist.She really has a fantastic range with soul grabbing power,original songs that are fresh and very good for Latino Music.Check her out!


  6. The future of our representation in Latin music looks promising with this new artist.She has a fantastic voice and her music is refreshingly different.I am a fan after buying her CD on line.Good luck Magali.


  7. Just purchased her CD,really like this new artist.Her music is danceable yet her ballads are primetime has a great voice mucho sentimiento makes me tear up.


  8. Girl can really sing,unique voice I like it !


  9. Tremendo la proyecion de esta cantante.Mucho potencial y una voz muy unica.La felicito,suerte.


  10. Will you marry me? Seriously checked her out on YouTube and really liked her music.Great voice, and that tear drop feeling.I have already ordered the CD.gOOD LUCK.mAGALI.


  11. Will you marry me ? lol Seriously.this artist can really sing,checked her out on you tube and really like her music.I already ordered her CD. Good luck Magali.


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  13. Frank Weaver

    Until I noticed a tear fall from my left eye directly to the floor as
    I was leaned over to let Oralia listen and see, I was not aware
    I was so affected by Magali’s rendition of ‘Have Youself A Merry Little Christmas’.


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