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Sunny Sauceda releases new love song and video ‘Solo Es Ella’

Three-time GRAMMY-winning vocalist and accordionist explores new sound for ‘Solo Es Ella,’ with video that features wife.

Just in time for the year’s most romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day, Tejano Music Awards 2019 Entertainer of the Year and three-time GRAMMY-winner Sunny Sauceda releases the first single from his upcoming Solstice Records album.


The song, “Solo Es Ella,” features lovelorn lyrics that listeners will fall in love with and explores a new Tejano/Norteño sound for Sauceda and his band, Y Todo Eso. “Solo Es Ella” was recorded last December in Mexico.

“’Solo Es Ella’ highlights how the love of my life’s voice is the soundtrack of my life,” Sauceda said.

A video shot at Brackenridge Park in downtown San Antonio features Sauceda’s wife, Vickie, who directed the video with Tejano Music Awards-winning director Ryan Bazan.

“It was fun acting out in front of the camera,” Sauceda said. “My wife did a way better job than I did, believe it or not. I was a little camera-shy and she was the one coaching me through the entire video.”

The video features scenes between Sauceda and his wife such as the two enjoying time in the park, and her discovering a rose left for her on a bridge. The band, dressed formally, is featured in night scenes.

The love song was written by Sauceda along with songwriter and producer Ulises Emmanuel with production and arrangement by JJ Silva. Sauceda worked on the concept with Emmanuel and Silva in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

“The song was my idea and concept and Emmanuel made it a reality,” Sauceda said. “Then, Silva added a cool arrangement.”

The song’s intro with Sauceda’s accordion and passionate vocals then leads immediately into a sound that leans heavily toward Tejano/Norteño. The production is top-notch, the writing superb and Sauceda and his band’s performance caps off a song sure to become a fan favorite albeit a different sound than the accordion-abuse, cumbia style for which Sauceda is known.

The video lends an even more romantic feel that matches the song’s style and flavor.

Sunny Sauceda Y Todo Eso — “Solo Es Ella”

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Sauceda is scheduled to perform at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo the day after Valentine’s Day when Sunny Sauceda Y Todo Eso takes the stage at the rodeo’s Bud Light Food Court Pavilion from 10:30pm to midnight on Sat., Feb. 15, 2020. For more info, visit

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