Highly-anticipated debut album from Monica Saldivar was worth the wait [LISTEN]

The self-titled debut album from the 2015 Tejano Idol winner delivers with a strong, stellar presentation.

The much-anticipated debut album from Monica Saldivar has officially been released and it was simply worth the wait. Put together by an ensemble of multi-Grammy award-winning singers, songwriters & producers along with special guest musicians. The self-titled album from the 2015 Tejano Idol winner, delivers a strong and stellar presentation from such a talented singer.


The singer released her first single, “Este Dolor” three years ago. That song started building the anticipation for the album as it started coming together, sharing the process of this project via social media platforms throughout its duration. We all got to see a glimpse of it being put together.

Tejano Nation: How did it feel to finally release this album?

Monica Saldivar: I am still trying to process the accomplishment of it being released. I knew that taking the time to pick out each song on the album with the help of my music director Victor Garcia as well as working with some of the most amazing songwriters and producers was going to be all worth it in the end. Me and my family are still very emotional about it.

Tejano Nation: Can you tell us a little about the songwriters and producers who helped put this project together? 

Monica Saldivar: We got to work with Eduardo Yayo Anguiano, Ernesto Rodriguez, Beto Ramón, Juan Treviño, Daniel Alvarez and Jesse Villarreal.

The producers who were on this project were Mario Ortiz, Eddie Perez and Victor Garcia.

I will also add that we had some pretty incredible guest musicians jump on the project as well, such as Aaron HollerJoey “JMZ” JimenezChente BarreraMiguel Hernandez, and Michael Machado

Tejano Nation: The album features two fan favorites, “Para Olvidarte” and “Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte.” Which song on the album is your favorite? 

Monica Saldivar: Choosing my favorite song is very difficult. I truly love each one of them that made the tracklist. The final song on the album “Como Te Quiero” written and produced by Victor Garcia. It has a special place in my heart but “Este Dolor” will forever be a favorite due to the fact that it was my very first single. I will forever be thankful to Mario Ortiz and Juan Treviño for allowing me to record it. I’ll never forget when Mario first reached out to me and told me he seen one of my YouTube performance videos and was very interested in working with me on a few original tracks. When we talked, I jokingly requested a Juan Treviño song not believing it would be possible and he said, “sure, I can do that!” Well he did and I actually ended up with two Juan Treviño songs on this album! I couldn’t imagine a better debut single than “Este Dolor.”

It was the ultimate introduction to who I am as an artist.

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The self-titled debut album from Monica Saldivar is available for download at all major digital music platforms.

Make sure to request her music on your local radio and favorite internet radio station. 

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