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Hailyn Bella honors late father with heartfelt ballad ‘Salvador Bella’

The singer-songwriter pays tribute to her father, who passed away from COVID-19 in August.

Hailyn Bella honors the memory of her late father with the release of her new single, “Salvador Bella,” on September 11.


Hailyn had planned to recut the vocals for the song to honor those who had recently passed during the pandemic, but tragedy struck her family when her father passed away from complications of COVID-19 in August. Producer Chris Lieck remixed the previously recorded vocals into a heartfelt ballad while Hailyn mourned with family.

“I told him I wanted to name it after my dad,” Hailyn Bella tells Tejano Nation. “It came out really, really nice. I’m very proud of the song.”

The song was to be part of a Latin Pop EP that Hailyn shelved before deciding to go into the Tejano industry and she intends to add it to her upcoming debut album.

“I thought it would be really great to connect to people that lost a loved one through COVID but I never thought it would actually apply to me,” said Hailyn.

The song was penned by the rising singer-songwriter, who released a danceable cumbia about quarantine with “Cuarentena Cumbia” for her first single and a woman empowerment song, “Soy Una Senorita,” as her most recent single before this one.

“It’s a little different than the other songs I’ve released so far,” she said. “I did my best when I recorded to vocals to feel the great loss that I was talking about when I wrote and now it just takes it to a whole other level. It’s so challenging for me to actually hear my own song because I’ll just start balling. I just felt like it was going to be a really nice gift that I could give my dad and to everyone that got a death day too soon.”

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