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Hailyn Bella mourns loss of father to COVID-19, plans tribute song

The singer and songwriter will pay tribute to her father, who recently passed away.

Hailyn Bella and her father Salvador Bella. | Photo: Facebook

Tejano newcomer Hailyn Bella shared an emotional video via social media on August 22 that her father, Salvador Bella, died due to complications of COVID-19. The singer-songwriter plans to pay tribute to him with an original song.


“It’s been a very challenging time for my immediate family members and I to learn how to navigate through this new life with him as our guardian angel,” she said in the video.

Both her parents tested positive for COVID-19 and her mother is slowly recovering. Bella asked for patience and space for her family during this difficult time and added she plans a song as a tribute for her father.

“I wrote a song and I will release a single in honor of my dad really soon and I dedicate it to him and to all who have transitioned from the physical to the nonphysical as our guardian angels because of COVID,” said Bella.

The singer announced that the single, titled “Salvador Bella,” will be released on September 11, 2021.

“I chose 9/11 because it is a significant day for our country,” she said. “A day to remember those who sadly aren’t with us anymore.”

Hailyn Bella continues to work on her debut album after scoring a hit with her recent single, “Soy Una Senorita,” and tributes her love of music to her late father.

Hailyn Bella and her father Salvador perform “No Me Queda Mas.”
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“Music is my passion and etched in my soul,” she said. “It’s healing and therapeutic. It’s my purpose and I strive to accomplish it daily.”

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