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Yeisi releases ‘Vuelve’ official music video from ‘Reminiscensias’ album

The Rio Grande Valley singer-songwriter released the official music video for the second single from 'Reminiscensias' album.

Yeisi released the official music video for “Vuelve,” the second single from the singer-songwriter’s sophomore album Reminiscensias.


Yeisi is an emerging artist in Tejano music. The Rio Grande Valley native released his latest album this past summer and he shared details behind its unique title.

“The title means reminiscing,” Yeisi tells Tejano Nation. “I always look for something interesting in the album, a title that captures your eye. It’s a commonly more used word in English, reminiscing. You know reminiscing always goes hand in hand with romance or love or remembering an old love, so I thought that was appropriate for the album.”

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Just like his debut solo album, multiple Grammy Award-winning producer Gilbert Velasquez added his expertise to a few tracks on the collection of romantic songs, a style that Yeisi is recognized for by his fans.

“I like love songs, that’s what I grew up with and I researched the composers,” he said. “That’s something I guess you can say is a bit unique for me because I write all my songs that I always have that romantic element because that’s what I like. You have to sing and write with what you identify with so you can transmit that feeling to the people.”

Yeisi decided to release “Vuelve” as the second single from his sophomore album.

“It’s a Gilbert Velasquez production and a song that I wrote,” he said. “It’s a song that people seem to like a lot. Whenever a certain group of the people that sampled the whole album, most of them pointed to this song as their favorite.”

“Vuelve” — Yeisi
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