Luisa G is ‘La Tejana Nuevo Mexicana’ showcasing deep roots in Tejano and Conjunto with ‘Cruzando Fronteras’ album

The New Mexico singer released her debut album showcasing her musical roots.

Luisa Gaytan

Luisa Gaytan has deep roots embedded in the land where her father grew up in El Coyote located in Mora County, New Mexico. She followed his tracts, where he always carried a guitar and a harmonica. Luisa followed most of the time, they just ended up together, and when I say them…I mean the family. On occasion, this young girl was making her way into bars with them to perform where she would gain more love for the ambient of living life through music. Luisa’s love and influence for music are by great artists such as “The Godfather of New Mexico Music” Al Hurricane, Chelo, Jenni Rivera, and Jose Alfredo Jimenez.


Born In Lubbock, Texas, Luisa G lived in Mora County growing up there for most of her life. She learned to play guitar at a young age and sing along with songs at family functions, at church, and at Uncle Ruben’s bar, La Chupina, in Los Chupaderos, New Mexico.

Luisa is very proud of her age, 55. She never expected her first album to be so big and becoming, this beautiful lovely soul can sing soulfully. Calling her debut album Cruzando Fronteras, she was inspired by Daniel Gallegos (producer, engineer) of SJ Records and owner and founder of Sangre Hoven Band.

He went live on Facebook for 60 straight weeks and turned to internet gigs, that is what I call them, when you go live to perform to get paid by fans, it’s like an entrance to a concert. Through this pandemic, many bands have turned to this type of way to make a living because all the clubs were closed down.

Luisa G comes from two different styles of music, your deep-rooted Tejano and Conjunto. She calls herself “La Tejana Nuevo Mexicana”. She’s very original and she expected to design her creativity and found and hopes came true by creating her artwork for the album with Juan Mendoza and Lilah Lisa Promotions from Mas Chingon Radio.

This song was her first release and you can find it on all your digital platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and so on ending up with 65,000 views on the Daniel Gallegos show they were doing with David in the beginning, and the music is being shared across the states, people are requesting her music and she’s even booking her shows for performances like a real superstar. Luisa’s angelic voice inspired me, the humbleness that came from “No Llega El Olvido.” I’m telling you you need to buy the CD. It’s great!

Luisa Gaytan wasn’t expecting such huge feedback from the support she’s getting on her first CD. She’s met so many wonderful people lately and she thanks each and every one of you. She’s on tour taking it all in. She released a song and music video this past summer with John Burch titled “El Amor De Tus Amores.”

Luisa G — “El Amor De Tus Amores” featuring John Burch
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The latest single from Luisa G is “Hasta La Meil Amarga,” a duet with Jon Maez.

The album, Cruzando Fronteras, from Luisa G is available at all digital music platforms.

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