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‘Canciones De Mi Vida’ is new album from father-daughter duo Gilbert Y Esmeralda

The father-daughter duo from New Mexico has released their new album.

New Mexico natives Gilbert y Esmeralda released their latest album, Canciones De Mi Vida, featuring original songs “Cachetona” and “Love Me Tonight,” both sung by Gilbert Sanchez


This album was a year-long project for the duo while Esmeralda balanced a newborn and her business. She recorded each song from scratch, using her keyboard to record each instrument.

“I laid each track down in layers and then my Dad would help with mixing,” said Esmeralda. 

Gilbert Sanchez is Esmeralda’s father and has been a musician since the early 70s. He was a part of many bands during his musical career, playing trumpet and singing. Gilbert released his debut CD, Singing with Soul, in 2006 which features a collection of oldies, R&B, and soulful songs.  

Esmeralda Trujillo began her music career in grade school, singing at local talent shows. At 13 years old, she played percussion for a Tex-Mex band in Albuquerque. In high school, she sang and played bass with the school’s Spanish band and was the Drum Major for the school’s marching band. During her young adult life, Esmeralda studied Design for Performance while majoring in Theatre at the University of New Mexico. 

In the last decade, Gilbert and Esmeralda have teamed up their vocal and musical talents to perform across Albuquerque. 

“It was an honor to produce a CD alongside my Dad, whom I look up to,” said Esmeralda. “We had a lot of fun recording it and I think you’ll hear that excitement as you listen to each song.”

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