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Nacido debuts with romantic cumbia ‘Quiero Ser’

Nacido is a band of seasoned musicians that begins their journey with an original single titled “Quiero Ser,” released via Discos Solcar on May 26.


Derek Aguilar formed the San Antonio, Texas-based group after spending many years as a veteran musician and vocalist. His start began at the age of 18 in his hometown of Dilley, Texas, where he befriended another musician, Carlos Rodriguez of Carlos Y Los Cachorros. Aguilar joined the group for a few years before joining the band of Grammy Award winner David Farias, as well as a member of Zamorales.

“Quiero Ser” is an original romantic cumbia with a great beat, strong lyrics from Mexican songwriter Yvonne Garcia, and a catchy melody featuring the vocals of Aguilar. He shared details on recording the song in an interview with Tejano Nation‘s DJ Peaches. “It was funny because the first time that I was going to record this song, I was going down a totally different route with it,” he said. “I kind of got halfway and through and I was like, ‘Uhh, not feeling it.’ So, I said we’re going to make it sound like a monster.”

Nacido’s debut single has received praise from many Tejano stars including Bobby Pulido, Johnny Lee Rosas and Ricky Munoz of Intocable, and Jorge Zamora from Zamorales.

Grupo Nacido’s band members include drummer Luis Cespedes, percussionist Raul Murillo, accordionist Samuel Perez, and Aguilar for lead vocals and bajo sexto.

Nacido plans more singles for us to enjoy during this pandemic. Aguilar’s positive outlook on the pandemic is refreshing, he states that its a good time to sit back, slow down, and enjoy the music. The band looks forward to performing for all the Tejano fans soon but is enjoying being in the studio.

“Anything that I’m going to bring to the public is going to be of good quality sound, good quality song and that’s my main goal,” Aguilar said. “I just want to make some good music that people can listen to and that’s basically what the goal is with Nacido.”

“Quiero Ser” is available at all digital music platforms. Learn more about Nacido on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, just search Grupo Nacido Official.

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