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Cynthia Bustamante pens ‘Perdóname’ for upcoming debut album

The singer and songwriter, originally from the Rio Grande Valley, will release her debut album this summer.

Tejano newcomer Cynthia Bustamante released “Perdóname,” the latest single from her upcoming debut album.


This is the first song penned by the Rio Grande Valley native and the main reason why this single is so special to the singer and songwriter.

“It’s very dear to me because it’s one of the first songs I’ve ever written,” Bustamante tells Tejano Nation. “I wasn’t a writer before that, I didn’t even know I had it in me, so when I got home and started writing, that song is very, very close to me because of that.”

The latest release was produced by Eric “E-Rock” Avalos at The Music Vault Studios in Seguin, Texas, with additional production by Brandon Ortiz.

“The song is about a girl that is dating a guy obviously and they’re having issues in the relationship,” she said. “He decides to leave because he wants to try to avoid the drama and not got through the humiliation. She is basically asking him, ‘You know I’ve been thinking about it and let’s try to work things out and I’ve been listening to the radio and everything reminds me about you and it’s so hard to get over you. You taught me how to love you but you forgot to teach me how to forget.’ She’s basically trying to express herself through the song.”

Bustamante plans to release her debut album titled Renacer in July. “Perdóname” is available to stream at

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