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‘Ya Basta’ video from PIN featuring Kary Karina tackles bullying while honoring Class of 2020

The video features Eagle Pass ISD's Spirit Ambassadors creating respect, unity and spirit in the community.

“Don’t be mean behind the screen” (877-NOBULLY) you aren’t alone – Kary Karina/Pin

In a special tribute to the class of 2020, variety group PIN and Kary Karina premiere the official video for their special collaboration “Ya Basta” exclusively with Tejano Nation!


The Gabriel Zavala produced track, written by Jose G. Castillon Jr, touches on a very common and sensitive issue of cyberbullying.

The video was directed by Johnny Davila and features the Eagle Pass Independent School District’s Spirit Ambassadors from both Eagle Pass and CC Winn high schools. Joining together to create a vision that instills respect, unity, and spirit within the communities.

The video shared a personal message for the graduating class of 2020, “Although this was not the ending you planned for, what you have learned inside and outside the classroom has helped develop an amazing individual. An individual that can overcome and achieve anything. Take these current moments to build up your strength, courage, and faith so that when all this is over, you will be prepared to conquer any obstacles and achieve success.”

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