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Art Tigerina releases cover of country classic ‘An Empty Glass’

Art Tigerina Band released their cover of a timeless Gary Stewart classic, “An Empty Glass”.


“We do this song live at our shows,” said Art Tigerina. “We’ve received countless requests for the Art Tigerina Band to record this song,”

“It is one of my all-time favorite country songs, so it was an easy decision to record it,” he added. “We modernized it and added a little ATB style to it. The original doesn’t have a saxophone, but fans love that I play it with a sax part. We hope people are pleased with the recording.”

The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered with Art Guillermo and Art Guillermo, Jr in San Antonio, Texas.

Tigerina is currently working on the ATB sophomore album but has been paused due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“We hope to finish it by late summer, God willing and all this passes,” said Tigerina. “We were fortunate to have done the work on ‘An Empty Glass’ before all this started and thankful to be able to release new music in a time where we feel people need it. Music has always been a positive way to deal with things going on in the world. We hope this helps, even for a little while.”

Featured musicians on “An Empty Glass” include former and current Art Tigerina Band members, with Tigerina on vocals and saxophone. 

“An Empty Glass” by the Art Tigerina Band is available at all digital music platforms.

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Photo credit: Shelby Gould

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