Lee Villarreal of Los Desperadoz recovering after hospitalization

The musician was admitted for "very high fever and exhaustion" and was tested for COVID-19.

Lee Villarreal, bajo sexto player and vocalist of Los Desperadoz, was admitted to the hospital for “very high fever and exhaustion” on Thursday night, according to his brother and bandmember Mike Villarreal.


Mike Villarreal, the accordionist of Los Desperadoz, shared details on his brother Lee’s hospitalization in a social media post, “I didn’t want to post this but the more prayers the better! My brother Lee was admitted to the hospital ER last night with very very high fever and exhaustion! He’s currently in an isolated, quarantined floor at the hospital. They ran several tests and had to wait till today to take the Coronavirus test…his results won’t be in until tomorrow sometime…I’m asking for prayers for my brother Lee that this comes back negative! While your at it say a prayer for the entire world! Greatly appreciated! God bless all of you and be safe out there! Thank you!”

In an updated social media post on Saturday morning, Mike announced the COVID-19 test results were negative.

“As for Lee we are unable to visit but whatever knocked him down he is on his way to recovery,” Mike Villarreal said. “We ask that you continue to pray for each other and everyone around the world, and all of those in need during this time.”

He added that Lee will need time to recover and will give a personal update when ready. Tejano Nation will have full details when released.

Los Desperadoz released their latest album “Calm Before The Storm” in May 2019, it was their first album with new record label M Group. The latest single is titled “Hoy Me Perdiste.”

Since the 1950’s the Villarreals have been one of the most respected musical families in Texas. Three generations of Villarreals have added their unique contribution to the texture of Tejano Music. Los DesperadoZ now represent the culmination of that proud heritage for over 30 years.

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