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The Tejano Project created to ensure Tejano culture survives current pandemic

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — The current coronavirus pandemic is starting to take its toll on people from all walks of life including artists in music, television, theater, and arts. From distribution to events, the impact of this virus is being felt by actors, producers, performers, promoters, musicians and singers, all struggling to keep our Tejano culture alive while also trying to put food on their tables due to canceled gigs and a loss in merchandise sales.


National Syndicated Radio, producers of the syndicated Tejano Gold Countdown radio show, has announced The Tejano Project, a collaborative effort meant to ensure our rich and unique Tejano culture survives, continues and thrives during this difficult time. The Tejano Project invites all artists, musicians, vocalists, performers, and producers to provide instructional videos of their craft, which will be placed on the Tejano Gold Countdown website. The videos will help fans stay up to date and entertained during this time of self-distancing.

Artists participating in the project include Corpus Christi native, Hollywood celebrity and movie director Pepe Serna, who will be providing information on acting, writing, and filmmaking. Another is singer, songwriter, and three-time Grammy-nominated music producer Gabriel Zavala of Zavala Productions, who has produced for artists like Stefani Montiel, AJ Castillo, and Aisha.

If interested in contributing, contact Rudy Treviño via email at

Families across the nation are starting to feel the effects of the COVID-19 virus. As virus numbers rise, there will continue to be school closures, social distancing and event cancellations. With that in mind, National Syndicated Radio will also be introducing a weekly Health Minute the Tejano Gold Countdown. This Health Minute will address the fears and concerns surrounding COVID-19, bringing you the latest information available.

“While safety is our number one concern during this time, Tejano Gold Countdown will continue working with media, health and music industry leaders to bring you information and helpful tips on health safety, entertainment news and how you can support those in the Tejano entertainment industry,” said Trevino. “Together, we can make a
difference while helping to keep Tejano alive!”

Learn more about The Tejano Project and the Health Minute at

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