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Ernestine Romero to receive Lifetime Achievement, tribute at 29th Hispano Music Awards

The late singer will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award and receive a tribute performance at this year's awards show.

Ernestine Romero will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award and a tribute performance has been planned for the late New Mexico singer at the 29th annual Hispano Music Awards on Jan. 18.


The New Mexico Hispano Music Association, organizers of the annual awards show, is committed to promoting New Mexico Hispano music and proudly supports its members.

Romero, who was tragically murdered in July 2019, unfortunately, did not receive any nominations at this year’s awards show for her last album “Mi Tesoro” released last March because it was not submitted in time for consideration.

The singer’s family offered their explanation for the lack of nominations. “We have let our beautiful angel down,” said a post on Romero’s Facebook page. “Ernestine handled everything regarding her musical career and because of this, her very last CD, ‘Mi Tesoro’, commemorating her 20 years in the music industry will not be included for the 29th Annual Hispano Music Awards show.”

“Despite all of our efforts to have her included in this year’s awards show, Ernestine will not have her last opportunity to showcase the lifelong work and dedication to her music in her home state of New Mexico,” the post added.

The NMHMA also addressed the lack of nominations for Romero’s last album after fans expressed their concerns via social media. “We recognize public sentiment regarding this concern and respect the family’s explanation to her fans regarding ‘Mi Tesoro’ not being considered for a nomination for this year’s award show,” the association said.


The NMHMA shared details for plans to honor Romero this year at the Hispano Music Awards.

“Historically, the NMHMA has always paid tribute to members that have passed,” said the organization via social media. “This year is no exception; immediately upon her passing, the board began planning its tribute to Ernestine that will be featured at this year’s award show. The tribute will feature a memoriam video, a musical performance featuring her music and the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously.”

“Ernestine’s contributions to the New Mexico music industry will forever be remembered,” the organization added. “We proudly have supported Ernestine since her first performance at the Children and Youth Competition throughout her entire musical career.”

The 27th annual Hispano Music Awards are scheduled for Saturday, January 18, 2020, at the Ohkay Hotel and Casino Conference Center in Espanola, New Mexico.

Romero celebrated her 20th year in the music industry with the release of “Mi Tesoro”, the 10th album from the singer. She was a multiple New Mexico Hispano Music Awards winner and was a nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year at the Tejano Music Awards in 2016.

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