Mia Garcia to Release Children’s Book

Youngest ever Tejano Music Award winner will release her first illustrated book “My Hero” at 12 years old.

Mia Garcia, the trail-blazing 12-year-old girl who gained international recognition throughout 2019 is about to release her first illustrated book, “My Hero.”


Mia wrote the book when she was 11 years old. The children’s book, inspired by her father, is a project of love with the collaboration of Mia Garcia, illustration by Arturo Quijano and the guidance of Larissa Davila of BCO Consulting.

This book will be Mia’s first book published and directed to children ages 5-10 years old.  In the book, Mia talks about her relationship with her dad, and how he plays a part in her life growing up.

Mia received the Tejano Music Award for “Best New Artist – Female,” on March 16th of 2019, but is no stranger to accolades.  She has also been honored by the Texas State flag flown over the State Capitol on June 6, 2019, along with a proclamation from the Senate of the State of Texas and Senator Kirk Watson.  On October 5th of 2017 she received a proclamation of “Mia Garcia’s Day” in Austin, Texas along with the State of Texas and Governor Abbot. Mia Garcia has also won nearly 200 other medals and awards in sports she participates such as gymnastics and karate, along with scholastic recognitions.

Mia’s father and manager, Chris Garcia, has confirmed the book will go on sale in mid-January.  To receive more information on the book, please contact Mia Garcia’s manager Chris Garcia directly via email:

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