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Art Tigerina teams with Chris Castaneda on “What Child Is This?” for your holiday playlist [AUDIO]

The pair collaborate to put a new, cool spin on a Christmas classic.

Art Tigerina (left) and Chris Castaneda | Courtesy photos

Art Tigerina released the holiday song “What Child is This?” featuring Austin, Texas-based guitarist Chris Castaneda just in time to add to your holiday playlist.


Tigerina always wanted to record a Christmas song, “Every holiday season we talk about recording a Christmas song,” he said. “With my busy touring and recording schedule, I never seem to have enough time. This season I wanted to give thanks for all my blessings and made sure to make time to record a special Christmas song.” 

Tigerina teamed up for the first time with Castaneda, an artist he truly admires. “Chris is a beast on the guitar and an all-around great artist,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to do a collaboration with him. I never thought it would be on a Christmas song, but when we thought of recording “What Child Is This?” I knew I didn’t want to record it with anyone else on guitar. I knew we could put a new, cool spin on a traditional Christmas song.”

The Christmas tune was produced by Grammy winner Hugo Guerrero at Nightmare Audio Productions.

“Hugo produced my first solo album, “De Mi No Te Olvidaras,” and I trust his talent and creativity,” said Tigerina. “Hugo is a genius in the studio. I think he did an amazing job producing this song.”

Art Tigerina — “What Child Is This?” featuring Chris Castaneda

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