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Henry G y Los Bandoleros deliver beautiful, brassy polka with ‘Linda Hermosa’

Fall in love with beautiful, brass sound of Henry G's "Linda Hermosa"

Henry G Lozano | Courtesy photo

From the first brassy strains of the romantic, danceable “Linda Hermosa,” this truly Tejano sound from Henry G. Lozano y Los Bandoleros will sweep you off your feet with its upbeat polka tempo led by the rich, full vocals of Lozano.


The beautiful lyrics, written and delivered by the more-than-capable songwriter and vocalist, will capture your heart, too, as the singer woos the woman of his dreams, inviting her to experience a love that she will never forget.

“Linda Hermosa” is best described as totally Tejano but performed in the unique sound that only Henry G y Los Bandoleros can deliver. The song will leave you wanting to hear more.

Henry G Y Los Bandoleros — “Linda Hermosa”

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Song producers include Javier Villarreal and Frank (Panchito) Villarreal with music by Villarreal. Background vocals were sung by Marco A. Jaime Sr.

Lozano, a Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Famer, goes by Henry G, in honor of his grandfather, Leandro Guerrero, who inspired him to follow his musical dreams.

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