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Dee Burleson talks Tejano comeback, collaborations and memories at 2019 TMAs

Dee Burleson of Culturas fame talks comeback or not at 2019 TMAs

Dee Burleson on the red carpet at the 39th Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio, Tx on Nov. 16, 2019. | Photo: Celestina Medina / Tejano Nation

When Dee Burleson, half of Tejano music’s most well-known showbands of the genre’s heyday, Culturas (along with Delia Gonzales), stepped in front of Tejano Nation cameras at the 39th Annual Tejano Music Awards on Nov. 16, we had to ask the question.


Is he making a musical return to the Tejano industry?

Sadly for Tejano music, his answer, after repeated questioning, was, “No.”

While the charismatic and strong, versatile-voiced Burleson still has the chops, he made it clear that from his home in Denver, Colo., he is content with his participation in collaborations with Tejano artists.

So while he is not returning to Tejano music as a solo artist, fans can currently enjoy Burleson on the three collaborations that include: “Dile, Dile” with Calle Seis; “Hey Baby, Que Paso!,” a remake of the Texas Tornadoes classic with Roel Martinez from his “Soñador de Amor” album, also featuring Billy O’Rourke of David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales; and an upcoming duet with Marcus Daniels.

Burleson also spoke about feeling at home being back at the 2019 Tejano Music Awards and he even teased us a bit with a musical shout-out to Tejano Nation fans.

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