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Chris Perez launches signature hot sauce, shares recipes [VIDEO]

The guitarist has his own sauce, Perez Pepper Sauce, that quickly sold out during its launch event.

Chris Perez at the launch event for his signature hot sauce at Trader’s Village in San Antonio, Texas on Nov. 16, 2019. | Photo: Chris Perez/Facebook

You may remember the iconic scene from the movie “Selena” when Chris Perez added hot sauce to his pizza, now the guitarist has launched his own signature hot sauce, Perez Pepper Sauce.


Perez and partner John Gomez worked with CaJohns Fiery Foods to develop a blend of premium peppers, spices, and ingredients to develop a balance of flavor and fire.

“It is an original recipe and the reviews have been amazing,” Perez told “I couldn’t be happier.”

The hot sauce debuted at an event in San Antonio on Nov. 16, where the sauce quickly sold out.

“The secret is to not make it too hot at this point, eventually I want to make another one that’s hotter,” Perez added. “This is something I want to explore further, different flavors, different products. I’m a barbecue kind of guy, so rubs, things like that.”

Perez made an appearance on the lifestyle television show “SA Live” on Tuesday to promote his new sauce and share recipes for dips, marinades and more featuring his signature sauce.

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Perez Pepper Sauce is currently available at for $8.00.

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