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Stephanie Lynn teams with Stampede for updated ballad version of ‘Ojos Para Ti’ [AUDIO]

The singer celebrates the 25th anniversary of 'Ojos Para Ti' with a soulful ballad version for 2019.

Stephanie Lynn returns with an updated ballad version of her 1994 hit song “Ojos Para Ti” featuring Grupo Stampede.


“I had always wanted to redo that song,” Stephanie Lynn told Tejano Nation. “It gives me something to give to the people because it is the 25th anniversary.”

The song was written by legendary songwriter Humberto “Beto” Ramon and peaked at #32 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart in 1994.

The 2019 version of the song features soulful vocals from Stephanie Lynn with arrangement by Stampede and produced by Danny Martinez for the Jae Christian Music Group.

After the passing of her father earlier this year Stephanie Lynn wanted to reinvigorate her career.

“I knew what the people wanted though, they wanted to see me evolve and to calm myself with everything that happened to me,” she said. “Like I say, your pain is not unique, everybody is going through something.”

Stephanie Lynn plans to return to the stage soon with a concert in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas to showcase her new outlook and evolved sound of her music.

The singer is also working on a docuseries that features the persons instrumental at the beginning of her career to help her succeed in the 1990s.

“Ojos Para Ti (2019)” is available at Spotify now and the official music video will be released on Nov. 12. Stephanie Lynn will donate her portion of the royalties of the new release to the song’s writer Beto Ramon, who lost his home and studio in a recent fire.

“The man has the incredible gift of song,” said Stephanie Lynn. “His words helped mold the ‘Stephanie Lynn sound.’ Not only that he’s my friend and that’s what friends do.”

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“Ojos Para Ti” — Stephanie Lynn featuring Stampede

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