Lopez Broadcasting to bring Tejano back to Houston with KHTW Tejano 1300

Tejano music will be back on the Houston airwaves in the next 30 days.

Tejano music is coming back to the Houston airwaves fulltime in the next 30 days with the launch of KHTW Tejano 1300, according to Lopez Broadcasting.

“Today the Lopez family is proud to announce that in the next 30 days we will be bringing Tejano back to the fourth largest city in the United States Houston Texas,” said Carlos Lopez. “Tejano music is part of our culture of who we are as a community.”

The Tejano format left Houston in 2001 when KQQK 106.5 FM, once the dominate Tejano station in the city, flipped to a Spanish Pop format.

“We’re grateful to God for this blessing this opportunity of this brand new radio station in H-Town which is home to our Houston Astros Houston Rockets and Houston Texans,” added Lopez. “The Lopez Family will dedicate itself in preserving our Tejano music, our Tejano culture, our Tejano history, and more importantly our Tejano future.”

The Lopez family currently owns and operates radio stations and TV stations throughout south Texas including Tejano Nation radio affiliates KLMO 98.9 in San Antonio, Texas, Majic 95.9 in Victoria, Texas, and Majic 104.9 in Corpus Christi, Texas. The company is community oriented, helping those in need with food drives and more.

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4 comments on “Lopez Broadcasting to bring Tejano back to Houston with KHTW Tejano 1300

  1. Johnny Lazo

    like to drop a resume I am host of the Hot 8 at 8 show. I have over 25 yrs in this biz like to be part of this.


  2. Joe Guillen

    Hope it happens and lets make sure They market as if the station was in the vally.Sales will do well if they do at least a 6 OR 4 month intern staff to be reasonable $$$$ at AIR TIME VALUE.$$$$ ADVERIZERS will not gamble there money at there cost$$$ without graphing there profit $$$ # bottom number,,$$$$ This has been the reason Tejano Music could not get the support from air time buyers 5;30 am 9:30 am 3;30 pm 7;30 PM High rotation cost$$ This is what stations do when expences are not covered THEN they will blame the Tejano Market that has nothing to do with the advertivezing $$$ cost $$ It will be interesting how much attendtion the LOPEZ Familia will let it ride. HOSTON TEXAS is very much in need of a Tejano Station lets hope management will not get greedy.


  3. Jose Trevino

    We cannot let Tejano Music die.. I am lucky to have an HD link in my truck radio and get to listen to Tejano 107.5 in San Anto! Thank you to the Lopez family!!


  4. setxbubba

    Such hogwash…1300 was and is not a Houston signal. Never covered Houston, since it’s a Beaumont signal…never can cover it’s playing religious stuff from Alleluyah ?? who owns 88.1 and others…yea, the Beaumont market doesn’t care for that or Tejano…too bad it was sold..the old Musicradio format under the previous owner was great but I heard they couldn’t get advertisers ….which is a shame.
    This article was a good laugh though… I’d like to know what Lopez was drinking or smoking..its NOT being community orientated to the Lumberton/Beaumont area…


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