Rodney Rodriguez continues Conjunto career with own band Los Cucuys

The veteran Conjunto musician and singer started his own band Los Cucuys.

Rodney Rodriguez and his Cucuys are drawing huge crowds everywhere they perform and I’m proud to say that Rodney a good friend of mine, had a chance to sit down with me and talk to Tejano Nation a little bit about his 20-year career in Conjunto music and his new band.

His career began at the age of just 16 years old when he became the accordion player for the popular Valley band, Los Fantasmas Del Valle.

As a young man, Rodriquez played all over the United States, even performing for The Smithsonian Folklife Festival which he was so very proud of.

Rodney Rodriguez | Photo: Mariaelena Arocha

Having his parents Evangelina and Miguel Rodriguez as his biggest supporters, the musician says there was no way he would’ve lasted one week with Los Fantasmas. Long trips, rides to and from gigs, his parents have been by his side from the beginning and remain constant with their love and support today.

I’ve been to many of his shows and as I sit and watch him perform I always see the joy and love his mother has for her son, as she beams with pride, not to mention the many loyal fans that are at just about every gig, like Samantha Perales longtime supporter, fan, and friend.    

Los Cucuys superfan Samantha Perales | Photo: Mariaelena Arocha

After being with Los Fantasmas for over 17 years, Rodney felt it was time to move on and branch out on his own. Rodney knew it was going to be very tough to go on his own but wanted to sing more and express his own style as a musician, and the only way to do that was to leave.

In September 2017, Rodney and his Cucuys became a band and since then have been packing in crowds everywhere. It’s hard to believe that he is only 35 years old and already has a Conjunto career spanning over 20 years,  that being said he has a great number of loyal friends and fans that flock to all his gigs, driving miles to see him and his band play.

Rodney has some of the very best musicians backing him, with over 30 plus years of experience, they sound tremendous together. On Bajo Sexto is Siji Perez, who is also second voice, quiet in nature, yet with his powerful bajo skills and great second voice, Siji and Rodney seem to mesh perfectly.

New drummer Javier Perez who replaced original drummer Tony Gonzalez (medical reasons), is no stranger to Conjunto music. Javier’s father is the great Conjunto legend Gilberto Perez Sr. Javier is excited about the future of Los Cucuys and enjoys playing alongside Rodney.

On bass is Siji’s brother Heberto “Beto” Perez. Although Beto’s first instrument is the Bajo and has played for over 25 years, he has been on bass with Rodney for the last two years.  Beto says Rodney is a very talented young man and enjoys playing with him because he loves the way he plays and keeps the traditional Conjunto music style.

All the guys say the same thing when it comes to Rodney “he is a very talented musician with great ideas, and we admire and respect him very much, we’re like family.” 

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The future of Los Cucuys de Rodney Rodriguez looks very bright, with two hit albums under their belt already and the third album with CHR Records set to drop very soon, Rodney is extremely grateful to all the people that have supported him, like Jerry Benavidez, Nelda Saenz of KEDA radio, and all the DJs who take the time to play their music and he also gives thanks to everyone for their never-ending support, and of course his Mom, Eva Rodriguez, who is Rodney’s biggest fan and supporter.

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Look for Rodney’s new album coming out very soon and catch some of his live performances.

You can follow Rodney on Facebook for all his latest events and get more information on the band. Rodney thanks Tejano Nation for supporting him and Conjunto music.

For booking Los Cucuys call (956)416-0007.   

Lastly, on a personal note I’d like to say that although I do go and see many Conjunto’s perform, it’s hard not to notice all the emotion Rodney and his band seem to extract from the crowd. I love photographing and recording them, you can clearly see all the skill, love and passion each member has for the music and that’s just one of many reasons to give these guys your support.

Thanks Rodney, Siji, Beto, and Javier for your time, it was a great pleasure.

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