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Veronique Medrano to publish Tejano children’s book

The singer and social media influencer wants to educate the next generation on Tejano culture.

Veronique Medrano | Courtesy photo

Educating the next generation on Tejano culture is always the main goal to keep Tejano alive and rising Tejano star and social media influencer Veronique Medrano is doing just that with the upcoming release of a Tejano children’s book.


Veronique shared details on its release during an interview with Rudy Trevino and Domingo Live on Oct 6. “It’s definitely a project out of love,” said Veronique. “We’re doing a Tejano children’s book with my company Apogee Publishing.”

The children’s book is written by Teresa Morales and will be released this fall from Veronique’s publishing company.

“You guys will get to see this beautiful book that I feel represents our Tejano music culture especially for the children,” she said. “This is something that I’ve been working on for the past year and we have more children’s books coming out.”

“That’s been my biggest proponent is education and putting more into that when it comes to our culture and our history and making sure to archive that,” she added.

More information on the book is available at and

Veronique released her third album, “Loteria,” in March 2018 and is currently listed on the general public ballot for Best New Artist – Female and along with her band, The Puro Party Crew, is nominated for Best New Group.

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