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Fama involved in auto accident en route to Lubbock show

Fama were involved in auto accident on the way to the band’s New Year’s Eve show in Lubbock, Texas on Sunday.


A photo posted to social media by band member Jesus Hernandez shows a vehicle on its side after the accident.  Road conditions were icy in North and West Texas on Sunday afternoon after a Winter Weather Advisory was issued by the National Weather Service.

“We (Fama) had a terrible accident on our way to our show in Lubbock,” Hernandez captioned the photo. “Unfortunately we will not make it instead we decided to go back home with our families.”

Members of the band suffered minor injuries in the accident.

“We are injured, we lost major possessions, and we badly wanted to finally perform the brand new single ‘Maria’ for the crowd in Lubbock,” Fama member Chris Gomez posted on Facebook. “By God’s good grace, we miraculously survived the vehicle accident. KNOW that we really wanted to be with you Lubbock, and we thank you for understanding that we had to return to our families. We will see you soon. God bless you all.”

Fama released their highly-anticipated new single “Maria” last week. The song features Grammy winner and former Kumbia Kings vocalist Nando Dominguez.

“We’re alive, a lil banged up and still in shock, but thank to our Lord all mighty we’re ok” Hernandez added. “Can’t wait to get back home to my family and most importantly my kids. Thank you God for giving us a second chance.”

Fama are currently working on their next album and plan to release it in 2018.

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