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New single ‘Por Ti Creo En El Amor’ comes true for Lydia Castillo [AUDIO]

Lydia Castillo

Tejano newcomer Lydia Castillo released her second single, “Por Ti Creo En El Amor,” on December 9.

The song, written by Castillo and produced by David L. Garza, is a love story.

“It was a wish I had, a dream I wanted to become true,” Castillo told Tejano Nation. “I was at a point in my life where I had lost hope. I was falling into depression, I was heart broken and torn to pieces.”

Castillo used that heartache to develop a great song.

“Sitting on my patio having a glass of wine drowning my sorrows I began to write,” she said. “I began writing what I was feeling. Loneliness, walking through the streets not knowing where to go.  As I wrote I began to day dream of my Prince Charming coming to rescue me and it became the song. I longed for this. A love story of a broken girl in the dark and her Prince Charming comes into her life and shows her what true love is.”

But the wish became reality for Castillo.

“Writing this song, I never expected it to come true,” she said. “It was a wish. I wrote it to heal my broken heart and in hopes of healing others. To my surprise a month ago as I am getting ready to hit the studio this song came true to me. I met someone who has mended my broken heart. Who has shown me what True love is. What it is to be loved and to love.”

Castillo plans to release her debut album Con Mucho Amor in the summer of 2018.

“I’m super excited about this album,” she said. “I will be going back to the studio next week to work on new music for this album.”

“Por Ti Creo En El Amor” is available now at the Tejano Nation Amazon MP3 store.

LISTEN: “Por Ti Creo En El Amor” — Lydia Castillo

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