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Culturas Plans Comeback With Final Album

The iconic show band plans a return with the release of a new album in May

Iconic show band Culturas is planning a comeback with one final album. Culturas members Delia Gonzales-Silva and Dee Burleson made the official announcement during an episode of the “3 Amigos Show” on March 8.


“For those of you that don’t know, Culturas has been out of business for 30 years now and we’re putting together a brand new CD,” said Burleson, who co-hosts the show with Tejano singer Marcus Daniels and Mas Chingon Radio host Juan Mendoza. “Delia, Carlos (Silva), and I got to talking and we said, ‘You know what? We got one more in us at least, come on,’ and we decided to get together and put together one more CD.”

Culturas is one of the most distinctive Tejano bands and since releasing their self-titled debut album in 1992, has earned numerous awards. Their second album Culture Shock went gold and produced major hits such as “Loco, Loco” and “Golpe Traidor.” The band was recognized by the Tejano Music Awards as “Most Promising Band of the Year” in 1993 and as “Show Band of the Year” in 1995. After Dee Burleson left the group in 1995, the band became Delia y Culturas.

The 3 Amigos Show with Delia Gonzales
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Delia was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 1996 but kept the condition from her fans. By 2008, she had ceased performing with the band because of health problems and underwent a kidney transplant that same year. Since her surgery, she has chosen a career in nursing and advocates and raises funds for victims of kidney disease.

“It is a scary thought of getting back on stage,” said Delia. “I think we’re putting together some good songs. I hope that the fans like it just as much as the old Culturas songs and we’re trying to kind of stay with what’s new now and incorporate some of the Culturas tastes and flavors. We hope to be able to give the fans what they expect because that’s the intimidation part of it all, is the expectations. I mean, yes, we can plan and hope and practice and do as much as we can but all in all the true test is when we’re up on stage.”

Dee Burleson made his return to the Tejano music industry in 2019. He was featured on the cumbia “Dile, Dile” with Callie Seis and released the duet “Tu No Te Metas” with Marcus Daniels in 2020.

A Culturas single release is expected soon and the full album is anticipated to be released in May.

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  1. gradyhernandez5052

    Yes culturas with their rendition of “Golpe Traidor” I remember it. The one who recorded it with horns and a large band. {TEJANO} was Agustine ramirez in the late 1960s


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