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Lydia Castillo returns with heartfelt love ballad ‘Yo Te Amo Mas’

The San Antonio singer returns with first new single since Tejano Music Awards nomination for Best New Female Artist

Lydia Castillo has remained a strong force in the Tejano industry since the San Antonio singer emerged in 2017 with her debut single “Me Quede Llorando.” She has pushed through obstacles in her career and has expressed she has healed by writing and singing with hopes to be able to contribute to the healing process of others with her music.


Lydia’s new single, “Yo Te Amo Mas” produced by Fabian Hernandez, was written by three writers from Monterrey, Mexico, Adrian Cura, Miguelante Sola, and Marlos Felix. Lydia is approached by songwriters often but she also writes her songs. Finding the right vocal pitch isn’t a problem for Lydia since that is part of the song that can be changed. “I put 100% into singing my songs which can drain me emotionally,” Lydia tells Tejano Nation.

Lydia Castillo — “Yo Te Amo Mas”
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This latest track from Lydia is the follow-up to “Mentiras,” which incorporated one of the first vertical videos in Tejano music for the single. Vertical videos are shot in portrait mode and are popular for apps such as Tik Tok and YouTube.

Future projects for the Best New Female Artist nominee at the Tejano Music Awards in 2022 consist of an official music video for “Yo Te Amo Mas,” plus more new music produced by Grammy Award winner Hugo Guerrero and Fabian Hernandez.

The countdown to the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair 2023 has begun and Lydia Castillo will make her Fan Fair performance on Sunday, March 19, at 4:20 on the San Saba North Stage, with another performance scheduled before that on Saturday, March 18 at Jaime’s Place, hosted by LA 45. Jaime’s Place is located at 1514 W Commerce St San Antonio.

Lydia Castillo chats with Tejano Nation’s DJ Peaches

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