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Dee Burleson of Culturas returns with Calle Seis cumbia collab ‘Dile, Dile’ [AUDIO]

Dee Burleson of Culturas returns on cumbia collaboration, "Dile, Dile," with Calle Seis.

Dee Burleson, half of the dynamic duo from one of Tejano music’s greatest showbands, Culturas, has returned with his distinctive voice as a featured artist on the upbeat “Dile, Dile,” a cumbia collaboration with Calle Seis.

Calle Seis is made up of seasoned, award-winning musicians from Austin, Texas, led by Grammy-winning musician William “Wild Bill” Perkins.

Burleson, now based in Denver, Colorado, gave Tejano Nation the inside scoop on his return and hinted at more music to come.

“Over the years, I’ve maintained great friendships with some very prominent and fun musicians so working with Calle Seis — and in particular (Grammy-winning producer) Hugo Guerrero and (songwriter) Juanita Chapa — I had a wonderful time recording this song,” Burleson wrote via e-mail. “As always, the fans are No. 1 and I hope this song will be one of their favorites.”

Burleson’s voice sounds like it hasn’t missed a beat since his days with Culturas and he conveys the rich, soulfulness and contagious enthusiasm in this cumbia that he did as a member of Tejano’s top showband of the 1990s.

“When I spoke of maintaining great friendships with Tejano musicians, I unexpectedly got a call from Roel Martinez who has just released his latest CD, ‘Soñador de Amor,’ asking me to sing on a song with him,” Burleson said.

Another request followed from Billy O’Rourke (David Lee Garza y Los Musicales) on the song, “Hey Baby, Que Paso?” — a remake of the Texas Tornados classic.

“Then, amazingly enough, I received an email asking if I’d be willing to do a duet with Marcus Daniels on a new song for his next CD,” Burleson said. “Of course, I had to! I’m just honored and humbled that two great artists wanted to collaborate with me on their music.”

Without revealing too much, Burleson added, “I had fun recording on both of their projects and Tejano fans will hear some new music very soon.”

“Dile, Dile” from Calle Seis featuring Dee Burleson is available now at all digital music platforms.

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LISTEN: Calle Seis – “Dile, Dile” (featuring Dee Burleson)

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