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Alicia C releases official music video for ‘Te Digo Adios’

The mariachi song is the second release from Alicia C's upcoming debut EP

Alicia C — “Te Digo Adios”
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Tejano newcomer Alicia C released the official music video for her Shelly Lares-produced Mariachi track, “Te Digo Adios.”


After the success of her debut single “Ven,” this sophomore track is a return to her mariachi roots for Alicia C with a beautiful song written by José Rosario and Lares, known as “Little Miss Dynamite.”

“It’s a perfect song for voice,” Lares tells Tejano Nation. “I think mariachi is one of her stronger points and I think she’s more comfortable singing mariachi but the way she projected the song and really made it her own, I knew it was going to be a great one for her. It’s a love-hurt song and one I think everyone can relate to. She did an amazing job with her vocal performance.”

Alicia C tells Tejano Nation the tune is relatable to all. “If you’ve ever been hurt before if you’ve ever been in this situation it’ll resonate so much with any part of your life and it can be interpreted in any two different ways. I love it even more because it was specifically written for me.”

The San Antonio singer, who grew up on the Texas border in Eagle Pass and is influenced by her parent’s own musical talent including sounds of cumbia, tropical, conjunto, norteño, and traditional mariachi, is one of many emerging artists part of Lares’ LMD Productions and Shell Shock Records 3 label.

“She pushes you and obviously she pushed me way out of my comfort zone with the different type of music that’s in the EP,” said Alicia C. “I never thought I could do some of the genres that are in there and I’m excited to show everybody.”

Alicia’s mission in music is to use her musical gift to reintroduce traditional mariachi vocals to younger generations and blend those sounds with new flavors and beats while exploring her own self-identity, which will be showcased in her upcoming EP.

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