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Angélica Alcoser delivers original accordion-driven ranchera ‘Amor Eterno’ for Valentine’s Day

The Tejano Music Awards winner drops latest single from upcoming sophomore album.

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Today is Valentine’s Day and award-winning singer Angélica Alcoser has delivered her highly-anticipated new single “Amor Eterno,” an original accordion-driven ranchera featuring a blend of styles that she had not recorded before, and plans to step in and outside of the box. 


Earlier this month, Angélica announced the introduction of MONEDA, in collaboration with Grammy-winning accordionist Tweet Juarez and Grammy winner Lorenzo Banda of Rokkore Studio, who joined forces this year to begin work on Anjelica’s sophomore album. 

Angélica and Juarez were spotted by songwriter Diego J. Moreno at the 2022 Poteet Strawberry Festival who handed a USB drive to the couple telling them he wrote a song that he knew Juarez would do a great job with that Angélica could sing.

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“We loved the song and held on to it for a year before heading into the studio,” Angelica tells Tejano Nation. “It seemed again that by chance we just happened to be at the right place at the right time.”

Tweet Juarez and Angelica Alcoser | Courtesy photo

Angélica will perform “Amor Eterno” at the third annual Premios Tejano Mundial next month in San Antonio and at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair on March 17, 2023, where Angélica will be presented with her Tejano Music Award for Best New Female Artist.

Angélica plans to release a music video in the next few weeks for “Amor Eterno” and then on to the next single for the San Antonio vocalist, who released her debut album Girls Night in 2021.

Angélica added, “It’s exciting to see so many artists releasing new Tejano music.  That’s what it’s all about.”

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