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Angélica Alcoser: From ‘Accidental Project’ to Award-Winning Rising Tejano Star

The San Antonio singer won new artist trophies at Tejano Music Awards and My Tejano Awards with her debut album.

Angélica Alcoser | Courtesy photo

Angélica Alcoser is one of the rising stars of Tejano music, the San Antonio singer went from an “accidental project” to winning two prestigious new artist awards this fall with her debut album Girls Night.


Angélica has been singing since she was a young girl, most recently with a couple of San Antonio cover bands. Her debut album happened by accident after she walked into Slackmonster Studios in early 2021 to help a friend with a project when producer Severo “Sevy” Contreras noticed her talented vocals.

“I call myself the accidental project because I just happened to walk into Sevy’s studio,” Angélica tells Tejano Nation.

Contreras knew that Angélica needed to record her own compilation of songs. She released Girls Night in December 2021 and has had a growing fan base ever since. The album earned Angélica Best New Female Artist at the 42nd annual Tejano Music Awards last month and Top New Female Artist at the 5th annual My Tejano Awards in October.

Courtesy of Slackmonster Records

After performing with the popular San Antonio cover band Velvet for many years, Angélica is excited to enter the Tejano music industry. “Now, getting into Tejano music, it’s like full circle,” she said. “It’s exactly what my grandparents used to listen to. It just feels like Tejano music and Latin music is what is in my heart. I’m just excited to be performing in the genre now. You know, let’s see what we can do with it.”

Angélica is already in the studio planning her sophomore album.

“I don’t know what kind of sound it’s going to be,” Angélica tells the Chicana Chisme podcast. “It might be different, it might be similar, it might be just a mixture of it all but I definitely want to have more input in what I’m singing, you know, in what we’re choosing.”

The talented vocalist actually put her music career on hold for a few years to raise a family but revealed that it is never too late to achieve a dream.

“I wanted to continue to pursue my dreams musically, you know just to say to other mujeres fuertes that your dreams don’t stop at motherhood you still want to continue to pursue those things,” said Angélica. “That’s kind of what I’m all about, is just continuing to grow, continuing to follow your passion and your dreams.”

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