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Asalto joins Baby Grand Records and drops new single ‘Lo Confieso’

The West Texas-based band launches You Are Loved Tour with release of debut single with new record label

Courtesy of Baby Grand Records

Grupo Asalto is the latest addition to the Baby Grand Records artist roster and the West Texas-based band has released their latest single, “Lo Confieso,” from an upcoming album scheduled for release next month.


“Lo Confieso” was written by award-winning songwriter and producer Jonathan Espinosa and speaks of confessing one’s love to the whole world, regardless of what others might think. Its catchy rhythm has reminiscent vibes of both Conjunto and Norteno sounds which is similar to Latin Grammy-winning group Siggno.

After much prayer and preparation, Grupo Asalto decided to record this single with legendary producer Mario Ortiz Jr, CEO, of Baby Grand Records.

Band leader Jordan Rodríguez it was easy to see his love, pride, hard work, and dedication to his music, family, fans, God, and band.

“I am a man of faith and a big believer in our Lord God Jesus Christ, and after having so many record labels and producers reach out to me about recording, I prayed about it and left it in God’s hands. I told myself if Mario O told me yes to the first time and slot I pitched him, it was a go,” said Jordan. “And sure enough, he responded with a quick, let’s do it!”

Working with Mario O and Baby Grand Records has been a dream come true for Rodriguez as they both come from church backgrounds and have lost a parent, it was easy to connect and just vibe musically and smoothly.

“Although he tells me I need to slow down because I have all these amazing ideas in my head, I know eventually it will get done and my point of view gets noticed and recognized,” said Rodriguez. “My hopes and dreams are to help as many people as I can and connect with them through music. To let them know that they are not alone and that it’s ok to be sad, cry and let it all out. That it’s ok to be married, have a family, and praise and worship God, especially in this industry. Not all musicians are the same, and don’t lie and cheat on their wives or spouse and do drugs. That it really is about music, family, and God.“

Asalto — “Lo Confieso”
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Originally from Snyder, Texas, or “Hide Town,” as some call it, Rodriguez states his love for music stemmed from his father, who had his own band, Johnny Rodríguez y Conjunto Mi Gusto, learning to play many instruments and all about music, growing up as a child. It wasn’t until a tragic incident that forever affected him and his family which involved his father’s suicide that ultimately would change his mindset about life and pursuing his dreams and goals in music. While keeping his father’s death buried deep in his mind and soul, Jordan recalls the day that would forever change his life.

“I remember getting a call from a fellow musician friend, who was always an inspiration to me, JR Gomez, before his annual benefit during Christmas, stating my set schedule for the show,” said Jordan. “I then realized he was aiming it toward me when I responded, I don’t have a band. He simply stated, get one. Talk to you soon and that was it. Little did I know that at that moment my life would be forever changed.”

Jordan got to work with vigorous practice and forming the right band which includes, himself as lead singer and accordionist, bajo player Joe Garza, bassist Alfredo Castellanos, drummer Jeremy Ramos, animacion Juan Rodriguez, and percussionist Lupe Martinez. One stormy night on the road, they came up with the brawny name of Asalto for the band.

With many years of performing shows since the age of four with his father under his belt, it wasn’t until the age of 12 that Jordan shared the stage with many artists including Siggno, Vision, The Hometown Boys, Jimmy Gonzales y Grupo Mazz, Albert Zamora and even getting to tour a weekend on the road playing accordion for two-time Latin Grammy winners Elida Reyna y Avante.

Asalto was recently nominated in four categories at the third annual Premios Tejano Mundial in San Antonio next month, including Song of the Year-Norteno for “No Quiero Verte Ir,” Group/Duo of the Year, Song of the Year-Cumbia for “Vente” featuring Cristelo, and Collaboration of the Year.

Jordan is aiming to dedicate the group’s upcoming You Are Love Tour to his father, suicide, and bring mental awareness to all. “I’m just trying to raise my children the right way through music because I know they are the future and will eventually take over and will need to pass it on to all future generations,” he said.

“Lo Confieso” from Asalto is available to download at the official Baby Grand Records website here, where you can keep up with Asalto’s latest music and videos.

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