Jay Perez will undergo vocal cord surgery this week, recovery expected to take several weeks

The five-time Latin Grammy nominated singer will undergo the procedure on January 5.

Jay Perez | Photo by Lorena Rodriguez / LCR Photography

Tejano icon Jay Perez will undergo vocal cord surgery this week. “The Voice” announced the upcoming procedure via social media on Monday night (Jan. 2).


“It’s a minor procedure that I’m going in to have on the 5th of this month, next couple of days as a matter of fact,” Perez said in the audio message. “I’ve been having problems with my left vocal cord for about a year now and I finally got the courage to go and see my ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist). I want to say thank you to all our fans out there who are sending their prayers and well-wishes.”

The recovery for Perez is expected to take several weeks.

“I know I’ll be out for three weeks,” said Perez. “No talking for a good 7 or 8, maybe 9 days. I think that’s what it was, but I’ve been there before so it’s nothing new.”

The 12-time Tejano Music Awards Male Vocalist of the Year added that his family and faith will help him through this health issue with a positive outcome.

“We and this family are very strong in faith and we know that everything will come out okay,” concluded Perez.

The five-time Latin Grammy-nominated singer plans to return to the stage later this month on January 27 for a performance in San Antonio, Texas. Tejano Nation will have updates on the recovery of Jay Perez after vocal cord surgery this week.

Perez began his career as the lead vocalist of legendary groups Latin Breed and David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales, going solo in 1993. He recently announced a new album for 2023, which will be his “best album in 30 years.”

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