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Tejano Gold Countdown drops Top 20 of 2022

Intocable, Lucky Joe, Suenatron, Siggno, and Stefani Montiel topped the list of the biggest Tejano hits of 2022.

The Tejano Gold Countdown released its list of the Top 20 songs of 2022. The list features songs from Tejano icons to newcomers with classic and evolving sounds that resonated with Tejano music fans all year.


The list will be part of this week’s Tejano Gold Countdown syndicated radio show heard on 134 radio affiliates in the U.S. and Mexico, hosted by veteran Tejano personality Rudy Trevino, and is considered the apex of Tejano music countdowns over the past 28 years.

Intocable topped this year’s countdown of the biggest hits of the year with “Si Me Duele Que Duela.” The song is part of the Latin Grammy-winning group’s highly-anticipated album scheduled for release in 2023 and shared a video showing the production of the song on the Intocable Experience YouTube channel as part of their “How We Made It” video series.

Lucky Joe paid tribute to the music of his childhood with the release of his album Norteño Y Poderoso: Tributo a Mis Idolos released in May 2021 including “Hasta La Miel Amarga,” a cover of the classic hit originally recorded by Los Tiranos del Norte, which came in as the No. 2 song for 2022.

Suenatron continues to win over listeners around the world with their infectious “Popteño” style and the title track from the California-based band’s sophomore album, “Santa Borrachera,” is an irresistible heartbreak anthem which was the No. 3 song of the year.

Siggno shared an emotional song this year, “Guárdame Un Espacio.” The touching tribute for anyone that has lost a loved one, written by frontman Jesse Turner, was named the No. 4 song for the year.

Stefani Montiel proceeds to showcase her innovative sounds and it reverberates in the No. 5 song of 2022. “Quédate Con Él” features Grammy-winning rock guitarist Vampiro which exhibits a sizzling hot fusion of Tejano, Latin Rock, and Chúntaro style. The love-gone-wrong hit rounded out the Top 5 songs of 2022 for the Tejano Gold Countdown.

Here is the Tejano Gold Countdown Top 20 of 2022:

  1. “Si Me Duele Que Duela” — Intocable
  2. “Hasta La Miel Amarga” — Lucky Joe
  3. “Santa Borrachera” — Suenatron
  4. “Guardame Un Espacio” — Siggno
  5. “Quedate Con El” — Stefani Montiel
  6. “Porque Tu Eres Mi Carino” — Shelly Lares
  7. “Tu Y Yo” — Jay Perez & Roxy P
  8. “Cada Dia Mas” — Marcos Orozco
  9. “La Flechita” — Secretto
  10. “Tormento Ingrato” — Michael Salgado
  11. “Ni Un Beso” — Adassa
  12. “Asi Como Pagan Pago” — Sunny Sacueda Y Todo Eso
  13. “Que Voy Hacer” — Elida Reyna Y Avante feat. Bobby Pulido
  14. “Por Fin Decidi” — South TX Homies
  15. “Entre Tus Brazos” — Genyva
  16. “Mi Todo” — Los Kamaradas
  17. “Otros Planes” — David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales
  18. “Ratatata” — M-Dos
  19. “La Mas Fuerte” — Savannah V
  20. “Completamente Enamorados” — Texas Latino

The Tejano Gold Countdown Top 20 is based on data provided by National Hispanic Syndicated Radio, LLC., comprised of data from Mediabase, reporting stations, and select online radio stations.

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