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Intocable takes fans behind the production of latest single ‘Si Me Duele Que Duela’

THE GRAMMY-winning group gave fans a look at the production behind their first single of 2022.

Intocable — “Si Me Duele Que Duela” (How We Made It)
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Miami, FL — Intocable gave fans a look at the production of their first single released this year, “Si Me Duele Que Duela,” in a video shared on the GRAMMY-winning band’s YouTube channel.


“Si Me Duele Que Duela” was written by Pablo Preciado (Matisse) and produced by Don Was, who has been in charge of albums by great artists such as The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Ringo Star, Stone Temple Pilots, Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, Hootie & the Blowfish, among others.

This single will be the first of three to be released this year with a full album planned for 2023. “Si Me Duele Que Duela” is available on all digital platforms and the GRAMMY-winning group shared a video showing the production of the song on the Intocable Experience YouTube channel as part of their “How We Made It” video series.

Intocable is currently on their Modus Operandi Tour in Mexico and the United States. For more information on the tour schedule visit:

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