Tejano & Country Singer George Mercado Is Getting Married

The Austin singer's wedding is planned for Nov. 19 in Geronimo, Texas.

Tejano and Country singer George Mercado Jr. is tying the knot next month as the Austin-based musician fell in love with a cutie of a cowgirl named Lisa Rincon. The couple announced their engagement last year and the “Tex-Mex Cowboy” will now wed not just his soul mate but who he calls his best friend, a genuine answered prayer.


The couple has been together for almost two years but feels like they’ve known one another much longer. The nuptials are scheduled for Saturday, November 19, 2022, in Geronimo, Texas.

I’ve worked with George for about four years and met Lisa along the way. They are a beautiful couple and have great work ethics when it comes to this music business, she is his supporter, and soon-to-be wife and I wish them nothing bet the best. Happy Marriage to you both, and lots of love and laughs. congratulations from Jina Ink Tejano Team, Becky Afshiri, Virgie V, Marti P, SusieQ, and Irma Rios. ” Jina Inks Social Butterflies”

George Mercado the “Tex Mex Cowboy” 

George Mercado, known as the “Tex-Mex Cowboy,” grew up in the “Live Music Capital City of the World” — Austin, Texas, and has been in the music industry for a multitude of years playing different genres, and performing in many different venues around the Central Texas area that consist of Country, Tejano, Rock, and Christian. He performs original songs written by himself with the goal to reach those through the message of his music and strives to have the kind of performance that brings joy and connection to people with the feeling of a good time. 

He released his debut album, Tex-Mex Cowboy, in August with Austin-based Gold Man Records and was previously signed with Hacienda International Productions releasing several songs over the last 2 ½ years, which can be found on all musical platforms from each label. Visit his official website at for calendar dates and more information. Call (512) 679-7534 for booking information.

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