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David Farias reveals a recent health scare that required surgery

The GRAMMY winner shared all the details of a recent health scare with the Jonny Ramirez Show.

David Farias | Courtesy of Freddie Records

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Grammy-winning singer and musician David Farias revealed a recent health scare that required surgery during an exclusive interview with the Jonny Ramirez In The Morning Show on Tejano 95.7 & 103.3 FM in San Antonio, Texas.


Farias shared that in early September he began to experience right shoulder pain which then traveled to his chest a few days later.

“(The pain) was getting harder and harder, and more pressure,” said Farias. “I’d walk like four of five steps and I had to catch my breath.”

After a visit to his doctor and medical tests, a diagnosis was revealed.

“I had to go a do a procedure, I had a clogged artery to my heart. Ninety-nine percent clogged,” Farias revealed. “But they just put a stent, probably took about an hour but everything’s good, gracias a Dios, because it was a scare for me because it’s never happened to me.”

The 59-year-old Tejano star added his experience is a reminder for all to not ignore any health problems. “I tell you if you feel any kind of pain in your body, Raza por favor, please go check yourself.”

Farias was home the same day as the procedure, but canceled a few shows during recovery and is now back to performing on stage. He also plans to return to the studio to work on his next album, a follow-up to El Maestro del Accordeon released in 2021, his debut album with legendary record label Freddie Records.

“I’m like two or three months behind. I should have been in the studio already, pero, gracias a Dios, we’ve been very busy,” he explained. “Hopefully this coming month I’ll be back in the studio to start a brand new CD from the David Farias band.”

David Farias interview with Jonny Ramirez In The Morning

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