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AccessAbility Fest celebrates 16 years with performances from Sunny Sauceda, Alizé Niño + more

The free event guides persons with different types of abilities to resources, opportunities, and fun every year.

Sunny Sauceda appeared at AccessAbility Fest for 4th straight year. | Courtesy photo

SAN ANTONIO, TX — AccessAbility Fest celebrated its 16th year helping others as a gateway to resources, opportunities, and fun for all with many types of abilities with a free event featuring performances from Sunny Sauceda, Alizé Niño, and more at Hemisfair Park in San Antonio, Texas.


Each year the event commences with an ability-strong parade which is an expression of the belief that disability is a natural, beautiful part of human diversity. Many volunteers and sponsors come together each year to make this amazing event possible.

Sauceda has performed for this event over the last four years. His idea was to have a concert for the special needs children, he felt it would be perfect for them. The two-time GRAMMY winner understands the challenge of special needs parents as his son Jared suffers from severe epilepsy and is non-verbal.

“A lot of kids don’t get the opportunity to go to concerts and enjoy themselves,” Sauceda tells Tejano Nation.

He felt this would be a perfect opportunity to play music for the kids and their families.

“It’s unfortunate that kids don’t get to experience that and or be around Tejano music at all,” added Sauceda.

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He knows that only special needs parents know the struggle of it all having a wheelchair and not being able to watch a concert because people will just stand in front of you. So he felt that this would be a good opportunity for them to sit back and just be able to enjoy themselves.

Sauceda plans to continue to be a part of this event for years to come, and he invites his fellow artists to donate their time to this great annual event.

Alizé Niño performs at AccessAbility Fest 2022. | Photo: Lisa Golden/Tejano Nation

Emerging Tejano singer Alizé Niño performed for the first time at the 16th Annual AccessAbility Fest, the singer was inspired by her own life experience.

“I have had learning and mental disabilities since I was a very young child,” Niño tells Tejano Nation. “It was something I always struggled with and felt so insecure about because I was scared of what people would say or think about me so when I saw Sunny it made me realize that God gave me a gift so I can be a voice and help others who struggle with the same insecurities and reassure them that anything is possible as long as you always follow your dreams.”

Niño added her experience at this event was so heartwarming. Her true highlight during the event was a little boy who came to stand in front of the stage and danced while she sang for a long period of time during her performance. She stated that was the best reward of all.

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