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Sunny Sauceda shares special moment with fan on stage [VIDEO]

Sunny Sauceda shared a special moment with a fan on Thursday night during his show in San Antonio.


The two-time Grammy winner was performing at La Villita when he decided to bring up a longtime fan, Steven Rodriguez, Jr., who has special needs, to dance some classic Sunny Sauceda moves with the accordion on stage.

“I’ve known Steven, Jr. for many years,” Sauceda told Tejano Nation. “He’s a big fan of our music, but I’m a big fan of him because it takes a lot of courage to get up on stage and do that.”

Sauceda recently performed at Rodriguez’s graduation party less than a week ago where the Tejano star also brought him on stage during his performance. The 19-year-old fan, who recently graduated from Wagner High School in San Antonio, performed on stage for two whole sets.

“He even sang with me on stage, he talked a little bit, he was throwing gritos and he was just having fun,” Sauceda said. “It was his night and I was having fun watching him have fun.”

Rodriguez’s dad, Steven Rodriguez, Sr. said that his son is a huge fan of Sauceda and learned his moves by watching his videos on YouTube.

“Steven has a couple of accordions here at the house, so he’s dancing and mimicking the moves that Sunny makes on the videos,” Rodriguez, Sr. told Tejano Nation. “That’s how he’s grown accustomed to the moves and learned the choreographed dance moves.”

Steven, Jr. is no stranger to being in the public eye. For the past couple of years, he has been a part of the Fiesta Especial Royal Court, a leadership and life skills development program for individuals with all types of disabilities, bringing visibility to the leadership and contributions individuals with disabilities make in the San Antonio community each day.

“He’s pretty outstanding in the special needs community,” Steven, Sr. said. “He’s been in the limelight, he’s been in parades. He’s just trying to bring awareness and say ‘What disability?’ Let him live his life and have some fun.”

He definitely knows how to have fun with Sauceda on stage, watch the video below.

WATCH: Sunny Sauceda shares a special moment with fan on stage

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