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Cántame Music Fest organizers plan to reschedule La Mafia performance after it was stopped abruptly during first song

The performance of the multi-GRAMMY-winning group was cut short after it started later than scheduled time.

A recent performance by Tejano supergroup La Mafia was ended abruptly at the Cántame Latin music festival in Toledo, Ohio, on August 7 after less than one song. Organizers plan for the muli-GRAMMY-winning group to return for another performance.


La Mafia shared their experience of the event via social media. “Toledo we are so sorry for what happened tonight, never in the history of La Mafia have we played only half a song. We like to be honest, the directors at the fairgrounds stopped us from playing and canceled the event. It was something out of our control, we love you guys and are so thankful you came to see us.”

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The Toledo Blade reports that PromoShare, the Chicago-based promotional company that organized Cántame, is working with La Mafia, the Lucas County Agricultural Society, security, and other vendors to arrange the follow-up performance. The three-day music festival included local and national acts at the Lucas County Fairgrounds, including Tejano stars Bobby Pulido, Destiny Navaira, Yvonne Y Fuego, and more.

PromoShare founder and CEO Ernesto Pedroza told the Toledo Blade, “If you look at Friday, Saturday, and Sunday up until the last 20 minutes, it was amazing. Saturday, we had an amazing crowd. The energy there was unbelievable. This can’t end like this. We need to make sure that this festival continues for the community year after year.”

La Mafia’s headlining performance was stopped early because it started later than the scheduled time. Security was only been paid until 11 p.m., when the festival was scheduled to end and the venue needed to be cleared before that time, according to the Toledo Blade report.

Pedroza added a follow-up performance would be open to the public and those who attended the festival would return for free. More details will be available soon.

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